Always Unique Pi Creations! Words we live by.

At noomeralz we're obsessed with digits of Pi and printing at very small font sizes. The result? Our posters and books. Recently we have been shifting even more so towards books. One reason for this is the ability to add more pages, whereas there are limits on poster sizes. To add more digits to a book, just add more pages!

Two recently added creations in the book arena have 10 and 100 million digits of Pi. These are easily found from our home page. These are unique anthologies and are perfect for any Pi enthusiast. The Digits of Pi book, with 100 million digits, is unmatched in its Pi digity goodness.

Believe it or not, we have a 1 billion digits of Pi book in the works. It will likely be available in very small quantities.

For most people, a magnifier is needed in order to comfortably read our poster and book content. We offer at least one type of magnifier with each of our products that would benefit from it, so you're covered. If you have your own magnifier with at least 5x-10x magnification, you should be ok. But everybody's close-up vision is a bit different.

One recent change to our store is the removal of most or all non-Pi items. Though we LOVE all of our creations, we made a decision that our message was being diluted and that we will focus almost exclusively on Pi. If time permits, we may launch another store with our non-Pi items.

Stay tuned.