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The 1 Million Digits of Pi Poster - Optional Magnifier - Multiple Colors - Portrait Orientation - 13 x 26 Inches

The 1 Million Digits of Pi Poster - Optional Magnifier - Multiple Colors - Portrait Orientation - 13 x 26 Inches

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Product Code: POST-M1-P01

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Item: The 1 Million Digits of Pi Poster, with optional magnifier. This poster displays the first 1 million digits of Pi!

The Pi digits are crisply printed at under 2 point in size. Super tiny. Super crisp. Super awesome. The tiny Pi digits even fill the Pi character image in the center of the poster, as well as the title. See the photos.

This new poster is 13 x 26 inches in size and is in a portrait orientation. It fits on any wall and is easy to frame.

This is the perfect poster for Pi fans of all types...whether you're a math expert, a Pi enthusiast or simply a student. The 1 Million Digits of Pi Poster offers a fun, interactive and educational experience. Once you start exploring the content with a magnifier, it's hard to stop. Can you find your phone number or social security number among the Pi digits? Or maybe other mysterious repeating patterns of digits? Makes a perfect math or Pi gift.

Magnifier / Loupe: Unless you have a strong magnifying glass or loupe, we highly suggest you add one to your order. Depending on availability, we may provide a different magnifier than shown in the photos but it will have the same specs as what you've chosen, or better.

Colors: Black print on white background. The digits form a gray halftone which can be seen in the photos. The title and Pi character image are printed in either Cyan or Magenta.

Lamination: We apply a thin soft-touch matte film to front and back to make the poster more durable and easier to handle without denting.

Size: 13 x 26 inches.

Framing: Margins are between .45 and .5 inches, but likely closer to the .5 inches. After laminating, we trim off the extra and may trim off a very small amount of margin space, hence the minimum of .45 inches mentioned just to be cautious. Any photos of framed posters are just for illustration. We currently don't offer framing but frames for this poster are easy to find on Amazon. Here is a link to frames on Amazon.

The giant magnifier shown in the upper left corner of the main photo is just a visual aid to emphasize that the poster contains tiny digits of Pi. It's not a real magnifier.

Awesome Pi Facts:

  • Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.
  • Pi is an irrational number, so it has an infinite number of decimal digits without a pattern or order.
  • The Pi symbol Π was first introduced by William Jones in 1706.
  • Archimedes calculated upper and lower bounds for Pi via the areas of two hexagons– one inscribed in a circle and the other circumscribing it. Then he kept doubling the number of sides to improve the bounds’ accuracy.
  • Pi Day is March 14th every year.

Item #'s: POST-M1-P01-M6X (Magenta with 2.5x/6x Magnifier), POST-M1-P01-MZ (Magenta No Magnifier), POST-M1-P01-C6X (Cyan with 2.5x/6x Magnifier), POST-M1-P01-CZ (Cyan No Magnifier)

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